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Individual Sessin

It gives you the opportunity to get the most out of the training in a private setting which can be more cost-effective. We create a personalised training plan catered to your skills, needs and wants. Our training methods are also adapted to your style of learning to enhance your performance and ensure effectiveness in your development. You will be given feedback on the spot to improve your beach volleyball skill through specially designed drills/activities. 


Group Session


Beach Volleyball is a 2-person sport where teamwork, communication and the ability to adapt to the environment factors are part and parcel of the game. Group training allows players to mould their skills as a team, learn how to communicate with one another efficiently and also, to learn how to read their opponent. We are not only focused on skills development but also, show individuals how this sport brings people closer together and how communicating effectively plays a huge part in our daily lives. Therefore, apart from the fundamental skills of volleyball, you could learn valuable life skills that are useful in a range of professional settings on or off-court. Our class activities are value-centric and engagement-focused that guarantee fun and enjoyment!

Weekly Sunday Beach Programme


Location: Singapore Sports Hub Beach Volleyball Court

Days: Every Saturday & Sunday 

Skill Level: All Skill Level

Group Session

private workshops

  • For individuals who like to acquire a new skill and fundamental skill set for Beach Volleyball

  • For experience players and/or coaches to gain new perspectives and insights on how to work towards individuals’ goals

  • Value-centric and engagement-focused activities that guarantee fun and enjoyment 

  • Able to work with schools and organisations that organises team building cohesions and/or events 

  • For individuals who loves to have fun in the sun!

  • Flexible with regards to the deliverables suited to your needs!

Private Workshop
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