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I had never done a lot of Coach Yap’s drills before and my receiving was pretty bad. But Coach Yap’s program has helped me to unlearn and relearn the fundamentals of volleyball and incorporate them into a specifically custom-made workout. In a short 2 hours, I could not be any happier with the coaching Mr Yap has given me.

- Ethan Chan

Starting from a non-experience player in volleyball, Revollve Volleyball Academy has given me the right training opportunity to build up my fundamentals and confidence level in every aspect. I have enjoyed every single lesson that the coaches – Coach Yap, Coach Chee, and Coach Kingsley have taught with their own experience, and training under them open a new horizon of what volleyball is for me.

- Matthew Lee

Kingsley is an extremely dedicated and friendly coach. Under his coaching, I have learnt the many intricacies and details of volleyball which will definitely bring my game to the next level. Through his coaching, my skillset has definitely improved. I am extremely satisfied with the training sessions.

- Sam Phua

My son Bryan had a really good lesson with Coach Kok Leong. He is very patient and coaches very well along with his students pace and capability. Bryan started the lesson with a curiosity and interest in Volleyball, and ended off wanting to learn much more. He is a true ambassador of the sport!

- Luther Seet

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